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Before We Begin

I want to take pictures of your dog being natural.

To do that I need you and your dog to feel relaxed on the shoot. 

Have a look at my galleries, think about what kind of pictures you like

 ( action, posed, both of you together ? )

Interested ?

Pick up the phone or drop me a line.
We will talk about your dog,
what kind of play it likes and where it likes to play.

Catch Me
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Let's Go For It !

We'll meet up as arranged and I'll let you and your dog play.
I'll wander around with you and keep taking pictures !

And Then ?

I'll go away and edit the shots I think will work best
and put them online for you to see.
These shots will be low resolution and watermarked but any that
you decide to buy will be high-resolution and watermark free.
You then choose the picture you want printed.
Further prints can be ordered at any time.

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  We will have a chat and agree on the best place for the shoot. For action shots this is normally your dog's favourite place but I would also suggest that you consider 'My Dog Field ' in Diggle. It's a big secure field just to the North of the Village.


Normally we will be out for just over an hour but I won't be checking my watch !

The important thing is for you and your dog to have fun .


Basically I just need you to be there for your dog ! I might ask for your help to set up certain shots and, of course,

if you want to have shots with you and your dog together that's fine but I want you to have fun as well !


I will keep clicking away throughout the shoot and I'll probably end up with a few hundred shots to look through !

Don't worry though , part of my job is to sift through them and edit the ones I think you'll like.

Generally you will have around 50 pictures to choose from .


Nowadays that's a ' How long is a piece of string question ' !

As well as canvas and prints on photographic paper you can have your pictures printed

on metals, wood and slate ! ...and almost any size ! When you've chosen your pictures we can

discuss what's best depending on where you're going to display them.


My Basic 1 Hour Shoot Package: 

£100 for 1-2 Dogs with a £50 credit on products purchased

£150 for 3-4 Dogs with a £75 credit on products purchased


(terms and conditions apply)  

This includes a pre-shoot conversation to find out about you and your dog.... 

what kind of pictures are you looking for, what's your dog like ?


Does he/she like to run around...

 or are stationary pictures going to be better ?

07775 313136

Saddleworth, United Kingdom

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